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Overview: Electronics

Some electronics projects.


Here are some electronics projects I built.

  1. Home-made isolation transformer with series light bulb circuit
  2. Packet Radio with the PC soundcard: HF isolator circuit with optocouplers
  3. Solar cell charging regulator after a Siemens schematic
  4. Switching a laptop on or off via telephone (in German only: Laptop einschalten und ausschalten per Telefon)
  5. The Yakumo Hole (in German only: Das Yakumo-Loch)

Please note that building these circuits occurs on your own risk! If you are not sure what you do here, leave it. I do not assume responsibility for any damage you or any equipment may suffer from building or using these circuits. Please respect the common security guidelines when working with electric equipment. A description of these can be found at the FAQ.